PR Course Launch

Rebekah Epstein is a PR professional who founded fifteen media PR. She came to us to design and lead a marketing campaign to promote her e-learning course for creative entrepreneurs.

Our solution involved a wide reaching online strategy. We designed digital marketing assets and managed all aspects of Rebekah’s marketing campaign. Learn more, below.

More about this project

We created a series of four short video tutorials to generate interest in Rebekah’s PR course and entice leads into the sales funnel.

Video scripts were written to teach one actionable tip from each section of the course and generate interest for the full course. 

Next, we filmed the video series in a studio setting, and edited high quality, branded videos, which we released in an email series.

Those videos had to live somewhere. So we designed pages within a membership website where people could watch the free video series. 

Every offer needs a landing page. We designed a branded landing page to promote Rebekah’s free video series and enroll people in a drip email sales sequence. 

People who signed up for the video training were enrolled in a drip email sales series.

The emails were written to handle every angle of a traditional sales conversation: pinpoint who the offer is for, develop need, educate, handle objections and present the offer.

Online campaigns need a multi-angled approach. To that end, we developed strategic blog and social media content to drive traffic to the free video series landing page and sales landing page.

Rebekah’s course was being sold at a high-value price point. We designed an organized and detailed landing page that hit all the high notes of any good sales conversation.

Finally, we developed and managed Facebook ads to drive traffic to the free offer landing page and then remarketed to people who entered the funnel.

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