About Monica

Founder, Brand Stylist & Web Designer

I’m Monica Valentine Reynolds — a digital marketer and web designer of 16 years.

Having built two marketing agencies, I’ve worked with coaches, consultants, book authors and all kinds of service providers to craft wide-reaching branding and communications.

What I found is the businesses that have the most marketing success are those with a distinctly personal and authentic point of view. 

You are a unique and valuable person who deserves a brand that honors your qualities and attracts your kismet clients. This is the basis of a True North Brand — the brand you were born to have.

Your brand is so much more than the designs on your website and business cards.

It’s a remarkable blend of your purpose, passions, personality and point of view. 

Monica Valentine Reynolds 

About Kristin

Graphic Designer

I’m Kristin Odom — a digital marketing professional and graphic designer of 17 years.

I began my career working with Monica at a newspaper and learned how to complete multiple tasks with a daily deadline. Since then, I’ve worked with various non-profit organizations to increase visibility and awareness of their organizations to better the lives of those impacted by cancer. As a visual learner, I enjoy helping others understand complex information through design.

On my free time, one of my favorite activities is getting outside, exploring new places and camping (well… glamping) with my two children and husband.

A Few Fun Facts About Monica

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