Why You Need Brand Strategy for Your Website Design


If you plan to market your business online, you need more than just an attractive website. You need a brand strategy for website design. This goes beyond harmonious fonts and colors and taps into the deeper meaning behind what you do. Why does this matter? …

Most of us would like to think we make buying decisions based on facts and logic alone. But the dirty little secret in our proverbial closets is that we don’t. Our subconscious makes decisions for us before we even realize it. These snap judgements are based on positive or negative associations that a brand calls to mind for us.

The internet is a crowded place. So if you want to stand out to your ideal potential customers, you need to speak to them on a subconscious and emotional level that is attractive to them. This is a major part of what brand strategy for website design aims to accomplish.

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Elements of a brand strategy

To formulate your brand strategy, you’ll need to designate some distinctions that include …

  • Feelings and associations you want to evoke for your audience.
  • Human personality traits you want intertwined with your brand.
  • Themed narratives you will tell and repeat.
  • The deeper purpose or meaning of your brand.


A brand strategist can help you to pinpoint all of the above. For example, in my True North Brand Map process, I help people tap into their passions, purpose and personality to create brand strategies that resonate with them and their ideal clients. Most often, we find ourselves lost in the weeds … too close to our unique qualities and distinctive point of view to see them clearly. This is why so many brands are unclear and unfocused.

How to use brand strategy for web design

Once you know your distinctive brand pillars, your brand strategist and web designer can develop materials to bring your brand to life in a new and exciting way.

Using your brand strategy for website design gives you or your creative team direction to select and develop …

  • A brand color story using color psychology
  • Font pairings with the right look and feel
  • Photo treatment and selection guidelines
  • The right patterns and textures to add interest and elevate your website design
  • A brand glossary of words to use on your website and in your marketing
  • Branded taglines, mission statements, branded service package names and more


Overall, having a brand strategy for web design will help you to incorporate more of your personality into your brand and build a personal connection with your ideal audience. The difference between a generic brand and a deeply personal brand can make a massive difference in your online marketing outcomes and help you to connect with more of the people you want to serve.

Do you need a clear, authentic brand strategy for your website or marketing? Schedule a Brand Map session to get brand clarity once and for all.

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Monica Valentine Reynolds

After 16 years as an online marketer and web designer, Monica Valentine Reynolds created the True North Brand Map. This process will take you on a journey of business exploration and self-discovery to reveal your True North Band — the brand you were born to have — which attracts your kismet clients.

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